- - - Driving Test - - -

The driving test is booked on your behalf by JIM PAXTON DRIVER TRAINING. Just before the driving test you will receive a pre-test lesson to get you "warmed up" and prepared for the examiner's assessment of your driving ability. During the test you will undertake various set exercises to test your all round driving ability as well as a variety of different route types i.e. a mixture of town and country driving.

In order to pass the test you must not accumulate any more than 15 minor faults. A serious or dangerous fault will also result in failure.

At the conclusion of the test the examiner will explain his assessment of the drive and advise you as to the outcome.

Where the driving test has been successful the candidate will be given a pass certificate by the examiner which must be sent, together with the driving licence and the relevant fee, to DVLA Swansea. An upgraded licence showing the new category will then be issued. In the meantime you may drive the vehicle.

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